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Postcode, Location

Drain cleaning
Petroleum, greases
Bed feather cleaning
Ironing services
Roof trough cleaning
Vehicle assessors
Dating agencies
Waste management compa...
Building services
Building maintenance
Facility management co...
Janitorial services
Aerial weather stations
Photo labs
Reproduction studios
Photo colour laborator...
Large-scale photo labo...
Touch-up studios
Cemeteries, crematoria
Curtain cleaning
Building services
Supply engineering
Hospital planning
Building services engi...
Cooperative headquarters
GPS, imaging services
Domestic waste disposal
Waste collection compa...
Dogs, cats
Dog training schools
Pest controllers
Local authority street...
Copy shops
Copying plants and cop...
Hospital cleaning, dis...
Dye works
Limousine services
Mattress cleaning
Exhibition & trade fai...
Trade fair & exhibitio...
Measurement grids
Car-share agencies
Waste and rubble dispo...
Rubble clearing compan...
Network providers
Fixed-line telephone s...
Mobile phones
Mobile phone network p...
Personal protection co...
Technical inspection
Static testing
Material testing
Apparatus testing
Vehicle testing
Pest control
Disinfection companies
Key services
Special-category waste
Tank cleaning
Technical systems
Technology centres
Textile cleaning
Pet kennels
Environmental technology
Event organisers
Transport & traffic
Site security
Advertising photograph...
Industrial photographers
Nappy services
Civil engineers

Plant engineering
Construction waste, ru...
Waste and rubble dispo...
Funeral directors
Transport companies
Pictures, picture frames
Office cleaning
Data transfer
Detective agencies
Energy consultants
Waste disposal facilit...
Fixed-line telephone s...
Fixed-line telephone s...
Photo services
Driving test centres
Landscape gardening
Secure transports
Hot-mangle services
Dog hair salons
Industrial waste
Construction waste, ru...
Hospital waste
Petroleum, greases
Sewer cleaning
Vessel cleaning
Communications agencies
Multimedia agencies
Vehicle testing
Leather cleaning
Machinery/industrial c...
Event locations
Trade fair & exhibitio...
Trade fair organisers
Trade fair & exhibitio...
Trade fair & exhibitio...
Hire offices
Furniture transports
Waste transfer stations
Furnace cleaning
Pharmaceutical analysis
Cleaning cloth laundry...
Ship cleaning
Make-up/body-painting ...
Sports advertising
Divers/water recovery ...
Technical advisory cen...
Carpet cleaning
Animal homes
Tour organisers
Removals, furniture tr...
Process engineering
Administration offices
Land and building admi...
Shopping centre admini...
Grundstücks- und Hausv...
Laundry services
Recycling depots
Business consulting

Advertising sales
Media agencies
Building cleaning
Facility management
Biological analyses
Call centres
Container services
Data processing
Esoteric items
Meat inspection
Photographic shops
Photographic supplies
Franchise companies
Lost & found offices
Building cleaning
Co-operative associati...
Glass/window cleaning
House clearance
House clearances
Wood technology
Dog kennels
Internet providers
Cat care salons
Sewage pit draining
Congress halls
Vehicle licensing
Agricultural consultants
Material testing
Instrumentation & cont...
Trade fairs, exhibitions
Environmental fair org...
Laundry hire services
Mobile phone network o...
Communications enginee...
Multi-storey car parks
Upholstery cleaning
Pipe cleaning
Slurry removal
Conference halls
Taxi services
Taxi offices
Technical offices
Textile engineers
Animal home associations
Vehicle cleaning
Ship cleaning
Ticket sales
Wine analysis
Weather services
Drawing offices

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